Latest technology in gear manufacturing…

Gear Manufacturing

It is able to produce in accordance with international standards by using the latest technology in the production of all kinds of helical gears, spur gears, straight bevel gears, sprockets, bevel helical gears, spiral bevel gears, hypoid (bevel gear) gears and shafts, with a wide variety of gear manufacturing.

Agricultural Machinery Gears, Construction Machinery Gears, Reducer Gears, Automotive Transmission and Transmission Gears are manufactured.

The capacities and gear diameters of our gear ranges;

  • Straight and helical gears up to Ø 10 mm and Ø 1000 mm.
  • Bevel gear final bevel up to Ø 25 mm and Ø 650 mm.
  • They are internal gear groups up to Ø 20 mm and Ø 650 mm.



Industry gear manufacturing As Neonmakine, we manufacture and sell almost all gear and gear spare parts needed in the industry sector, with our engineers and technical personnel, equipment in our team in industry gear manufacturing.

Gears for Heavy Industry Machines

In the production of Neonmakine gears, we produce the gears of the construction machinery. With the experience we have gained over the years, we manufacture gears for all brands of construction equipment. We complete our construction machinery gear manufacturing with great care and trouble-free manner with our engineers and quality personnel from start to finish.

We are aware of how accurate the production of construction equipment gears should be made with accurate measurements, by applying special procedures in this regard, our company works very carefully not to miss even the smallest details. For this, we can detect even the smallest errors by using measuring devices such as SMM and Klingelnberg. You can save time and money by choosing our company in the gear manufacturing of construction machinery.

Gears for Agricultural Machines

We manufacture spare parts and gears for all kinds of agricultural machinery gears in our factory.

Agricultural machinery gears are widely used in the agricultural industry. It has usage areas such as agricultural gears, tractors, agricultural machinery transmissions, feed mixed transmissions. Agricultural machinery gears are used in the mechanisms of tractors and agricultural vehicles. In general, they can be used with worm gears, helical gears, spur gears.

Bevel Gears for Agricultural Machines

One of the most important advantages of bevel gear wheels is that they are more durable compared to other gear types. Conical gears are preferred to meet high torque requirements under difficult conditions.

Bevel Gear, as an element of power transmission systems, is widely used in the agricultural machinery industry and is a gear type that is generally used in 90 degree power transmissions and applications where it is required. Agricultural machinery bevel gears use one-way force as a 90 degree deflector to another direction horizontally or vertically, they can work at different angles depending on the way of use.